We spend so much energy preparing our external world for a baby. I believe that we need to spend equal energy preparing our mind, body, and spirit.

Mother and baby in autumn


In Greek, the word doula translates to woman caregiver. It is a term used to describe a professionally trained and experienced labor companion who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother and her partner before, during, and shortly after childbirth.


  • Decreases use of epidural by 35%

  • Decreases use of Pitocin by 71%

  • Decreases likelihood of forceps and c-section by >50%

  • Decreases labor time by 98 minutes

  • Decreases the incidence of postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Increases success with breast feeding

  • Increases mother-child interaction

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Increases birth satisfaction       


Hi mamas!

I believe that caring, sensitive, and knowledgeable support is critical when it comes to having a satisfying birth experience. As your Doula, I support your birth, your way - at home or at the hospital, medication-free or with an epidural, VBAC or cesarean. While no one can foresee what your birth may bring, my focus is to help you feel satisfied with your birth experience. My goal is to help you to feel empowered in your choices and assist in creating a memory you’ll cherish for a lifetime. 



Mother with her Child
Mother and Child


Includes an initial consult +2 prenatal visits - one at 20-weeks to discuss every aspect of your upcoming birth and another at 36-weeks to map your baby and review your birth plan, unlimited phone/text/email availability, access to my resource library, 24-hour on call service during your due date range, continuous support throughout your labor and delivery (hospital, home, or birth center), assistance with bonding and initial breastfeeding within the first two hours after birth, and a follow-up visit at your home within the first two weeks postpartum.



The following services are available a la carte, and can be added to your birth doula package as needed, at a discounted rate.


Suffering from round ligament pain? Nausea and vomiting? Urinary leakage? Back pain? Sciatica? Constipation? Acid reflux? Lightning vagina? Sacroiliac or pubic bone pain? 

I'm here for you, mama. 

Treatment can include a variety of therapeutic techniques to address things like pelvic alignment, soft tissue mobilization for muscle relaxation, pelvic floor education and exercise, breathing techniques, etc. Each treatment session will be catered to your body and your needs and will help in getting you in the best shape for delivery and for keeping you comfortable and relaxed while we wait for the arrival of your baby. Sessions are available in your home or in my Lockport office.


Suffering from urine leakage? Diastasis recti/Abdominal wall separation? Pain with sex? Constipation? Hemorrhoids? Low back, hip, or pelvic pain? Scar tissue issues? Heaviness in the pelvic area?

I'm here for you, mama.

Addressing what our bodies have gone through during pregnancy and labor and delivery is so important in the postpartum period. In postpartum treatment sessions, I will evaluate and treat your body as a whole. Treatments may incorporate things like, manual therapy to scar tissue adhesions from perineal tears or c-section sites, releases to fascial restrictions around the organ systems involved in labor and delivery, and a comprehensive assessment of pelvic floor muscle function to prevent pelvic pain, bowel/bladder dysfunction, and pelvic organ prolapse. Every treatment session will be catered to your body and your needs and will help in getting your body back into homeostasis following delivery. Sessions are available in your home (because let's be honest, it's hard to leave the house with a newborn) or in my Lockport office.


There are all sorts of fun names for this badge of motherhood, including pooch, mommy tummy, and baby belly, but it doesn't have to be this way.

I'm here for you, mama.

This package includes 3-4 treatment sessions, scheduled 3-4 weeks apart, in order to close the very common postpartum issue of diastasis recti. Yes, you read that right - full closure of a DRA in just 3-4 visits. This is typically something that can take years to heal, but through advanced manual therapy skills I have learned through the Barral Institute, I am able to close it quickly and successfully. Once your DRA is closed, I will then teach you core stabilization and strengthening exercises to maximize your treatment. Sessions can be completed in your home or in my Lockport office.

Contact me to learn more about pricing for all of the services that I offer.


"Women have been chosen by the creator to be the portal between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. The only force on earth powerful enough to navigate unborn spirits into this planet."


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